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The Resilience of Masculinity: Upholding Traditional Values in a Modern World

In today's rapidly evolving society, the concept of masculinity has undergone significant transformations. As societal norms shift and perceptions change, it is essential to recognise the enduring value of certain traditional ideals. For our audience over 40, who have witnessed these shifts firsthand, it becomes even more critical to reflect on the importance of maintaining old school values: stoicism, self-reliance, the pursuit of success, and physical strength. By upholding these values, we not only preserve the essence of what it means to be a man but also ensure that future generations have strong role models to emulate.

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From Dreamers to Achievers: How Discipline Trumps Motivation

In our quest for personal growth and success, we often find ourselves grappling with the eternal struggle between motivation and discipline. While motivation fuels our desires and aspirations, discipline is the unwavering force that propels us forward, even when motivation wanes.

In this OMS blog, we delve into the nuances of these two powerful concepts and explore why discipline, despite its challenges, ultimately plays a more crucial role in transforming our lives.

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Revive and Thrive: The Essential Steps for Weight Loss Success After 40

Losing weight can be an uphill battle for anyone, but men over 40 often face unique challenges on this journey. As our metabolism slows down and lifestyle factors evolve, shedding those extra pounds becomes increasingly elusive. In this op-ed piece, we will delve into the reasons behind weight gain, explore the lesser-known statistics surrounding weight loss, and present actionable solutions to help men over 40 achieve their weight loss goals.
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The Silent Assassin: How Stress Takes a Toll on Men Over 40

In part 5 of our 5 part series we delve into the world of stress and explore how it affects our health, focusing on its detrimental effects on strength training and overall fitness goals. In the relentless hustle and bustle of modern life, stress has become an unwelcome companion for many. Its impact is felt not only mentally but also physically, particularly for men over 40.
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The Crucial Role of Quality Sleep for Men Over 40

Part 4 in our 5 Part series is on the crucial role of quality sleep for men over the age of 40. In this blog, we'll delve into the profound impact of quality sleep on the male body, discuss eye-opening statistics, and provide five actionable tips to help you achieve a restful slumber.
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Testosterone and the Ageing Male Athlete: Boosting Performance and Health Naturally

Part 3 of our series continues following on from our previous blog posts on Protein and Hydration. This is a topic that is particularly relevant to...
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Hydration 101: The Ultimate Guide for Male Athletes Over 40

Part 1 of our 5-part series on performance and nutrition tips for male athletes over 40 looked at the importance of protein in our diet and our ath...
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Eating for Success: Nutrition Tips for Male Athletes Over 40 - Protein

Age is just a number, but it does play a crucial role in your nutritional needs as an athlete. With every passing year, your body undergoes certain changes, and these changes demand a revised approach to your dietary habits. If you're a male athlete over 40, you need to pay extra attention to your diet to ensure that it supports your athletic performance. To help you create a nutrition plan that caters to your specific needs, we've put together this 5 part guide.

In part 1 of our 5 part series we explore the importance of protein in our diet, the consequences of not consuming enough protein, and the benefits of consuming enough protein when exercising.

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From Stagnation to Success: How to Overcome a Lack of Motivation

As men age, they often find themselves struggling with motivation. This is especially true for those over 40. Whether it's getting in shape, pursu...
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Drink Less, Live Longer: The Impact of Alcohol on Life Expectancy

It's Friday afternoon and work knock off is quickly approaching. Some will head to the pub for a few, others will grab a carton on the way home fr...
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IBJJF World Masters 2022 - Are You Ready?

IBJJF World Masters 2022 - Are You Ready? For those competing in the IBJJF Word Masters championships at the start of September, the event itself ...
Standing Strong in a World of Victims

Standing Strong in a World of Victims

Standing Strong in a World of Victims As Anthon St. Maarten once said “Self-pity is spiritual suicide. It is an indefensible self-mutilation of the...